About the Accessible Minimalism theme

Accessible Minimalism is a minimalist Hugo theme with a penchant for accessibility.

Addressing the problem of bloat and inaccessibility of the modern web by focusing on accessibility and content over visual styling.

Target audience

Two main users are in mind when decisions for this project are made:

Blind or visually impaired users will benefit as users of the accessible sites this theme generates.

Ready to go inclusive web development environment

Producing an accessible website is barely an achievement if blind/visually-impaired users can’t produce the content and develop the site themselves. Accordingly, the Accessible Minimalism theme requires minimal configuration to get started and generate a complete website.

Why Hugo?

Choosing Hugo as our target Static Site Generator is also an accessibility choice, with its single-binary executable quickly installable on all common operating systems. Its use of Markdown allows for easy editing of site content in the user’s preferred editor.

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